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SALT of Palmar

As Seen By Kenory Y.M @kenory.ym

A stay at the Mauritian SALT of Palmar is exactly the type of holiday that will help you to return home with newfound energy.

Making our A-list because of its adult-only boutique feel with mindfulness activities, you’ll find yoga essentials in your room, and you can even ‘take a seat on a plush beanbag at the edge of Indian Ocean and ease into a short meditation.’ Lisa Davidson, We Heart Travel Journal.

Taking home the title of ‘Brand of the Year’ in the Positive Luxury Awards, SALT of Palmar is known for connecting guests to the local community, and for its team that care for the planet.

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There’s something thrilling about being in a place with such vibrant culture

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MUR Mauritian Rupee

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12 hours

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Been & Seen

The place will enchant you; it will make you feel you are one of the chosen few

As Seen By Naomi Foster